Arkansas & Eastern Oklahoma Power Wiring

Power Wiring ContractorThere are expert electricians available for all types of electrical work. For those in the industrial market, it is important to hire a professional electrical company that knows the proper techniques to work on industrial wiring. Industrial electrical services can be extremely complicated and at times can be dangerous if not performed by a professional.

This type of repair or installation involves large electrical systems which take a high degree of care during planning and installation. By possessing the experience and knowledge of installing industrial electrical solutions, industrial electricians strive to make your industrial building more efficient and a lot safer to work in

Our Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma Power Wiring Provides These Detailed Services

  • Electric Service
  • Power Wiring
  • Electric Power Service
  • Power Cable Wiring
  • Power Wiring Diagram
  • Service Electric Customer Service
  • Service Electric Company
  • Cable Service Electric
  • Industrial Power Wiring
  • Industrial Electric Service
  • Commercial Power Wiring
  • Commercial Electric Service

We Provide Power Wiring in the Following Areas


Sebastian County, AR | Crawford County, AR

Alma, AR | Barling, AR | Bates, AR | Blue Mountain, AR | Booneville, AR | Branch, AR | Cecil, AR | Cedarville, AR | Charleston, AR | Chester, AR | Dyer, AR | Fort Chaffee, AR | Fort Smith, AR | Greenwood, AR | Hackett, AR | Hartford, AR | Huntington, AR | Lavaca, AR | Mansfield, AR | Midland, AR | Mountainburg, AR | Mulberry, AR | Natural Dam, AR | Paris, AR | Ratcliff, AR | Rudy, AR | Uniontown, AR | Van Buren, AR | Waldron, AR

Eastern Oklahoma

Le Flore County, OK | Sequoyah County, OK

Arkoma, OK | Cameron, OK | Gans, OK | Marble City, OK | Moffett, OK | Monroe, OK | Muldrow, OK | Panama, OK | Pocola, OK | Poteau, OK | Roland, OK | Sallisaw, OK | Shady Point, OK | Spiro, OK

Why Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma Should Hire Us for Their Power Wiring Needs

At Matlock Electric, we understand the importance of customer service. This is why we will answer our phones with people who are trained on how to take care of customers who need us when they least expected it. We will schedule an electrical service appointment during a convenient time for our customers. Our appointment schedule is designed to accommodate our customers by equipping two hour arrival windows. A pre-arrival call will be made when the electrician is on his way out so the customer is not waiting around unexpectedly. We will also offer to send an email to the client with electrician’s picture and qualifications for added peace of mind.

When you hire Matlock Electric, we send out a fully trained electrician who will show up to the home in a truck stocked with thousands of parts designed for residential electrical service & repair. We call these trucks our "Warehouse on Wheels". These trucks save our clients valuable time and money versus going out to get more supplies while the job is in progress. We will complete the work and clean up good as or better than before. Once the electrical work is complete we will walk the customer through the work completed and collect payment. Our clients can choose to pay by cash, check, credit card, or consumer financing and that always helps when the unexpected electrical problem comes around.  Those easy payment options also assist our clients so they can choose more options to update their electrical system for safety reasons and code standards as the home ages.

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